Valentine’s Day is a day for celebrating the person or people that are special to you. We believe in celebrating all kinds of love- romantic, family and friendship. So we have put together some fun crafty activities you can do at home with children (or on your own), because nothing says ‘I love you’ like a handmade gift. As always, we’d like to say a big thank you to Pinterest, for much of the inspiration for this post!


  • Why buy a bunch of flowers when you can make one that lasts forever? Cut out colourful hearts from card and attach them to pipe cleaners/straws/twigs, arrange in a bunch and voila! You could add notes, promises or decorations to the hearts for an extra special touch. Here is an example of a beautiful bunch.
  • Secret stones were huge in 2018 and there are many local facebook pages dedicated to them. Why not make some Valentine’s themed ones for a loved one or to hide out and about? There’s lots of inspiration here, but the idea is to decorate pebbles with patterns, pictures and positive messages, before hiding them for someone to find.
  • Children grow up so fast. If you can catch them and keep them still long enough, footprints and handprints make cute little reminders of how they’ve changed, for years to come. Here are some turned into flowers, hearts, rainbows and much more.
  • If your children are old enough to write, ask them to write some kind words in a letter or poem for their special friend or family member. If they’re chatty but not yet writing, they could dictate some words for you to write. It acts as a lovely time capsule, to show how their language, writing and feelings change over the years.
  • If you’ve got children, you surely have experience with slime. Here are some recipes and tutorials for ‘Valen-slime’ full of red glitter and heart sequins. It’ll keep them busy for a while if nothing else!
  • Show your little ones that kind words are more important than presents, by making a ‘gratitude jar’. Simply a jam jar filled with bits of folded up paper containing notes. ‘I love you because…’, ‘you are special because…’, ‘thank you for…’ etc.


  • Breakfast in bed is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. Think berry smoothies, toast or pancakes cut into hearts, a red and pink fruit salad… There are hundreds of beautiful breakfast ideas on Pinterest.
  • Baking is a lovely way to show you care. Recreate the classic love heart sweets by making heart shaped biscuits and icing on messages. There are plenty of Valentine’s baking ideas online.
  • A really quick activity that’s suitable for very young children is making chocolate covered strawberries. Simply melt some milk, dark or white chocolate, dip whole strawberries in, leaving the storks for handles. Then decorate them with sprinkles, freeze-dried fruit or extra melted chocolate in a different colour and leave to set on baking paper.


Let us know if you get up to any of these activities, or if you’ve got other great ideas to add.