Get in our good books – October

This month our lovely librarian Rachel brings us the second installment of ‘Get in our good books’ and shares her recommendations for this month’s top five titles.



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You’ll never forget your baby’s firsts. With Shared Parental Leave, you can both be there for those special moments. Find out how you and..

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Cervical screening is at a 20-year low. A quarter of women don’t go. 25-35 year-olds are the worst at attending even through cervical cancer..

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Frail elderly people and vulnerable adults in East Sussex get care and support thanks in large part to your council tax. For the year ahead we’ll..

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Launch of the first community #maternity team is great news for women giving birth in #Eastbourne. Personalised care and continuity improves..

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Protecting children, caring for elderly residents, improving roads and pavements, funding a library network, supporting the local economy. These..

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