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March brings the promise of spring but there is still snow in our books!

In libraries, we get technical with activities celebrating British Science including clock making, retro game design and STEM-themed storytimes.

This Easter the is library jam-packed with family fun! Get creative and design and make a creature out of cardboard, come to a spring scavenger hunt, or make paper rabbits!

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Book cover of Lazy City Top fiction chosen by Darren

Lazy City by Rachel Connolly

Following the death of her best friend, Erin returns home to Belfast. She spends her time drinking (and drinking and drinking and drinking and) and putting on her makeup and talking about clothes. And then, she visits her mum…

In three pages, Rachel Connolly deftly, succinctly, and beautifully; explains what it is like to grow up in the era of ceasefire. The damaged parents, that want you to have a better life, and resent you because you have. Her description of Church Going is so moving and explains the ‘why’ to this old atheist.

And of course, when you’re a parent, you read any description of contemporary Youth as a parent.

And yes they drink (and drink!)… but they’re alright. The kids are alright.

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Book cover of Eating to Extinction Top non-Fiction chosen by Fran

Eating to Extinction: The World’s Rarest Foods and Why We Need to Save Them by Dan Saladino

From a tiny crimson pear in the west of England to an exploding corn in Mexico, there are thousands of foods that are at risk of being lost for ever. Dan Saladino spans the globe to uncover their stories, meeting the pioneering farmers, scientists, cooks, food producers and indigenous communities who are defending food traditions and fighting for change.

Eating to Extinction is about so much more than preserving the past. It is about the crisis facing our planet today, and why reclaiming a diverse food culture is vital for our future.

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Book cover of SnowTop audio chosen by Billy-Jo

Snow by John Banville

Snow follows the discovery of the corpse of a highly respected parish priest at Ballyglass House. As the snow continues to fall over this ever-expanding mystery, everybody is determined to keep their secrets.

Banville sets up a classic golden era whodunnit: body in a library? Cast of improbable tropes? And then sets about subverting it as he dissects the political, religious, and social machinations of 1950s Ireland.

The audio is delightful, read by Stanley Townsend in a rumbling, sonorous baritone.

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Book cover of Lily Parr ScoresTop children’s non-fiction chosen by Reginald

Lily Parr Scores! by Lindsay Galvin illustrated by Chiara Fedele

Discover the true story of Lily Parr!

Lily Parr is considered one of the country’s greatest players of her generation. Her exploits have captured the imagination as a figurehead for women playing football during the time of the Football Association ban.

She became the first woman to be inducted into the National Football Museum’s Hall of Fame in 2002, and in 2019 the museum revealed a statue of her (the first of a female football player in the UK).

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Book cover of Aldrin Adams and the Legend of Nemeswiss Top children’s fiction chosen by Mikey

Aldrin Adams and the legend of Nemeswiss by  Paul Howard illustrated by Lee Cosgrove

Aldrin Adams discovers an extraordinary SUPERPOWER!

When he eats cheese, just before he goes to sleep, he can enter into other people’s dreams . . . and their nightmares!

This book is ridiculous fun, suitable for children 9+

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