Looking for things to do in lockdown 3 without having to resort to making more banana bread and attending pub quiz video calls? Staying at home is tough, but it’s vital to do so in order to keep our loved ones safe and to protect the NHS. So, we’ve put together a list of things to do this January and February which cover relaxing, looking after your wellbeing, as well as being productive and crafty.

Things to do


If you’ve completed a DIY project during one of the lockdowns, you’re not alone. Those jobs that were once reserved for rainy Sundays have now become a standard lockdown activity.

While the household waste recycling sites in East Sussex are deemed essential and remain open, you should be staying home as much as possible. Please only visit the tip during lockdown if it is absolutely necessary.

Here are some easy DIY activities you could try, which should create minimal rubbish and that are friendly for rented properties too: Simple and effective DIY ideas.

Research your family tree

How much do you really know about your great-grandparents and beyond? Researching your family tree can seem like a daunting task but there are lots of resources out there, many of which are free.

Find out how to get started plus lots of useful tips at Researching your family history at home and for free with East Sussex libraries.

Spring clean

Spring clean early while we’re all confined to our homes! Take a look at these squeaky clean tips:  Top tips to de-clutter and spring clean your home

Picture it

During lockdowns it can feel like there’s nothing much going on that’s worth remembering. However, this is still a moment in time that one day you may want to look back on.

Why not set yourself a challenge to capture one thing in your day that made you smile, or take a selfie each day that captures your mood? You could even have a photo scavenger hunt with members of your household.

There are lots of ideas out there, most are aimed at those of us armed with more than a phone camera, but can easily be adapted or used to provide some inspiration: Photography at Home – 10 Cool Ideas During Lockdown

Person taking a picture of seven sisters.


If you are able to, using your time to volunteer can make you feel more connected to people, as well as being very rewarding.

Age UK’s telephone friendship is a befriending service to help people over 60 who are looking to form new connections.

Contact your local Food Bank and ask how you can help, or take a look at the NHS Volunteer Responders programme for roles that support local communities during the coronavirus pandemic.

You can find more opportunities to volunteer on the East Sussex County Council volunteering pages.

Bird watch

Enjoy nature from the comfort of your own home with the Big Garden Birdwatch.  The Big Garden Birdwatch is the largest wildlife survey in the world so by taking part, you’ll not only help the RSPB but you’ll also have a chance to wind down and appreciate your local wildlife. Check out our easy guide to bird watching: Watching birds – fascinating, calming and perfect for lockdown!

If you have children at home you may already be taking part in the Big Schools’ Bird Watch. There is a day of live lessons from 11am on Thursday 28 January, based around completing a wildlife survey, so don’t miss it!

Crafty ideas

Lockdown bucket list

Create a ‘bucket list’ of things to complete after lockdown is over. Having some things to look forward to can help remind us that lockdown isn’t forever. You can do this by using an old jar to store your ideas in to pick out later.


Create a scrapbook. Make up scrapbooks of your past travel, holidays or family memories. If you have lots of old printed photos this is a really nice way to be able to look back on them. It is also a great way to use photos that would otherwise be stuck on your phone’s camera reel for all of time!


Make things that will help you to unwind, like bath bombs or candles. There are lots of ideas for crafting bath bombs, candles and more items on Pinterest.

Or perhaps you’d prefer to make something you can keep? How about trying embroidery, experimenting with paints, or create a crochet blanket or your own jewellery. Check out all these ideas and more at Stylist’s list of Best craft kits for adults.

Thing to do: create bathbombs.

Ways to relax and look after your wellbeing


One way to escape it all but stay at warm at home is to enjoy a book. East Sussex libraries are currently offering a click and collect service, essential computer usage, as well as lots of online resources. Did you know that you can download audio and e-books to your phone or tablet device? You can also read the latest magazines for free online once you become a library member!

In need of some reading inspiration? Check out these must reads from our librarians for 2021.

Go for a walk

January is walk your dog month! But given that we are in lockdown there isn’t much else to do (and we recommend walking your dog every day).

At the moment, we can all leave our homes once a day for exercise. We should stay local (in our town or village) and avoid travel, so chances are you’ll be treading some very familiar ground by this point. For ways to refresh your walking routes, see: Stay local, reinvent your walk.

Remember, you can go for a walk with anyone that you live with, or anyone in your support bubble. You can also meet one other person outside of your household for exercise only.

Find out more about reasons for leaving your home during lockdown.


Since the pandemic started there has been a boom in the number of podcasts. If you use a music streaming service on your devices you will have access to 100s of them discussing everything from politics, murder, food to really anything else you can think of. Take a look at The Guardian’s list of top podcasts for some ideas of what to listen to.

Cook something new

Did you know that 60% of people eat the same seven regular meals every week? This lockdown, why not try one new cuisine each week? You could create themes to encourage your family to get involved and try something new. Check out how to use theme nights to make meal planning easier.

Veganuary has become a popular way to start the New Year for many people. Whether you want to cut down on your meat consumption or you just want to take up a new challenge or try new dishes, taking part in Veganuary is a good way to do it.

Maybe you’re on a health kick and are looking for affordable and healthy dinners? In that case take a look at a week of healthy & cheap family suppers for inspiration.

Unwind with a puzzle

It is National Puzzle Day on 29 January! Puzzles are an inexpensive way to pass the time. Plus, puzzles can also both calm you down and challenge your mind. Try something new by trying floor puzzles, 3D puzzles and ones made up on crystal pieces: 14 of the Absolute Best Puzzles, According to Jigsaw Enthusiasts.


Easy exercise

Yoga, stretching, dancing to your music like no one is watching… Exercise doesn’t have to be running for miles or breaking into a sweat. Just get moving in a way that you enjoy.

Here’s some ideas for exercises that can be done by all abilities: stay active while at home.


You don’t have to be productive this lockdown! Why not pick a film franchise you know you enjoy or one you haven’t seen before and aim to watch it all by the end of lockdown?

Staying in touch

It is really important to keep in touch with family and friends over lockdown. Make a plan to call a friend or family member at least a couple of times a week. Why not call them when you are taking your daily exercise (we’re thinking walking, not so much running here)?

Video calling is another great way of keeping in touch with loved ones. Here are some ideas to help keep video calls from feeling stale, including playing games and karaoke.

If you are new to video calling take a look at: Step-by-step guide: How to video call your family

Stay warm

It can be very hard to relax and feel well in your home if you are struggling to heat it. If you are finding it difficult to heat your home, you can get support and advice through the warm home check service.

How are you finding lockdown 3? Let us know what you’ve been doing to keep busy and how you’ve been looking after your wellbeing in the comments section.