If you run a small or medium sized business in East Sussex you may be able to access support for apprenticeship training via the Transform project.

What is the Transform project?

The Transform project aims to increase the take up and knowledge of apprenticeships, traineeships and skills training amongst SMEs across the county.

Following a successful application to the European Social Fund and a match funding pledge by the council, up to £600,000 of funding is available for the project  for up to two years, with a possible third year extension. The programme will enable small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to access apprenticeship levy transfer funds from the County Council training pot, as well as advice about training provision and government funding.

If you feel the project could help your business, please get in touch.

How can it help my business?

The council will be working with the Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP) to actively engage with SMEs from priority sectors where there is employment growth and future skills shortages. These sectors are Construction, Digital, Engineering, Health and Social Care, land-based industries, Logistics and the Visitor Economy.

The SCTP Advisers will provide impartial advice and support so organisations can address current and future skills gaps in their workforce. The advisers will also help eligible businesses access appropriate apprenticeship and skills training provision and funding.

Apprenticeship Roadshow

My business pays the Apprenticeship Levy. Can we support the project?

Yes. The project is working with Apprenticeship Levy payers in East Sussex to enable them to use their Levy for their own workforce development and to support SMEs in their supply chain and local communities through Levy transfer.

The University of Brighton and East Sussex College have already signed up and committed to support their Levy transfer to SMEs in the county through Transform.

Engineer Teaching Apprentice To Use Milling Machine


If your business is an SME in East Sussex and would like support accessing apprenticeships and funding, or if your company is a Levy payer and wants to get involved in the project or find out more, please contact transform@sctp.org.uk.

The project is receiving up to £300,000 of funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England. For more information visit the GOV.UK website.