Are you interested in working in social care in East Sussex? Are you an experienced social worker wanting a new direction or to return to practice? Or perhaps you’re newly qualified and are looking for your first role?

Two recruitment events later this month offer the opportunity to find out more about working in social work for the county council.

Recruitment events

An in-person event will be taking place at County Hall in Lewes on Wednesday 20 March from 6pm to 8pm.

The second event will be virtual, taking place via MS Teams on Thursday 21 March from 5pm to 6pm.

Hear from social workers

There will be the opportunity to hear from social workers and managers from the council’s Children’s Services and Adult Social Care teams.

You can find out about the supported employment programme for newly qualified social workers and the learning and development opportunities available. You will also be able to ask any questions you may have about working for a local authority.

‘The county council really supported me’

Sofia is one of our Children’s Services social workers. She is now in her second year of professional practice, having recently completed the council’s Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) for newly qualified social workers.

“The team at the county council really supported me during my ASYE.

“I took my degree during the pandemic, and as a result, I could only complete placements in the voluntary sector. I had lots of knowledge and skills from my studies, but not much experience working directly with social workers. The council understood that and gave me the opportunity to get the experience I needed.

“It’s incredible to see the changes the young people I work with have made and to think ‘I did that’.”

Future development

Sofia moved to East Sussex to take up her position and received a lot of support from her managers to help her adjust to a new area as well as a new job.

She has had the opportunity to represent her colleagues as a team leader on the council’s Diversity and Equality group and to be part of a group working with young people who are not in education, employment or training.

“There’s so much I can do in the future and great opportunities for my development at the council. I’ve seen my colleagues advance in their roles, and I feel very confident about my career.”

Masters level study

There is a strong support system in place for social work teams at the council, with a culture of learning and improvement to help social workers develop their practice.

Harriet, a Senior Practitioner in one of the Adult Social Care Neighbourhood Support Teams, has been working for the county council for 11 years.

She wanted to achieve a Master of Laws post graduate degree to support her personal and career development.

“My managers made adjustments to my work schedule to enable me to realise this dream. I was able to balance the expectations of my family, work and studies due to the immense support from my team.

“Working for the council, I feel valued and inspired to give my best.”

Degree level social work apprenticeship

Sophie was supported by her managers to complete a degree level social work apprenticeship and is now a social worker in a Neighbourhood Support team, enabling adults to live independently.

“I didn’t envisage that I’d ever become a social worker, but when I learnt more about it and the opportunities available, it was something I really wanted to engage with.

“My managers fully supported me and there was an awareness at every stage of the process. When I did my placements and my first year, I was supported by other colleagues too.”


Sophie is excited about her future career at the council.

“The council is always looking to support new social workers and students, and there’s so much opportunity for progression.

“Whatever you’re interested in, there’ll be a role or a team that will touch on it. There’s real room for growth for newly qualified social workers at the county council and great support.

“I’ve always been glad to work here and would recommend it.”

Experienced or newly qualified

We have a streamlined recruitment process in place for experienced social workers, which allows applicants to apply quickly and easily and if successful, be interviewed almost straight away.

Our Assessed and Supported Year in Employment for newly qualified social workers is designed to ensure every newly qualified social worker is equipped with the knowledge and skills to practice. A dedicated Social Work Education Team plan and deliver the programme, supporting newly qualified social workers and their managers through the year.

Find out more

Visit the council website for more information about a career in children’s social work or adult social care with us.

Read on to find out what it’s really like to work at the council and meet one of East Sussex’s Social Worker Degree Apprentices.

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