We all want to see positive change in our community, which is why East Sussex County Council (ESCC) have continued to partner with Crowdfunder UK. Together, with your help, we are supporting great ideas and providing up to £5k of match funding through the East Sussex Community Wellbeing Fund. The fund aims to support projects that are helping to create social equity, economic prosperity, cultural vitality, and environmental sustainability in East Sussex.

So far, as a community, we have raised over £750k for positive change! Earlier this year, we saw ten projects crowdfund, raising a massive £108,267, with £37,000 funded by ESCC.

These four projects are now crowdfunding in East Sussex and looking for your support! Find out how to get involved (from donating to sharing on social media) at the bottom of the article!

But first, let’s meet the projects…

Project 1: Grassroots Sharing: Saving Money & The Planet by Umbrella Sussex

Umbrella Sussex is 100% community-run, with no staff, only volunteers.  They help the community to help each other, running a library of “things”, a repair project & free shops. They help save money and the planet!

Their crowdfunding target is £2,000.

Learn more about Umbrella Sussex.

Young adults gathered around a table doing an outdoor activity.

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Project 2: Support Volunteer ‘River Rangers’ in East Sussex by Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust

The Ouse & Adur Rivers Trust (OART) is a registered charity who work to improve the water environment through on the ground project delivery and community participation, providing multiple benefits to both wildlife and people. River Rangers are vital to monitoring river health, such as water quality & invasive species. All funds raised will help expand their efforts.

Their crowdfunding target is £5,000.

Learn more about River Rangers.

Man standing in the dark on a beach.

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Project 3: Discover your Beach of Dreams by MSLProjects

MSL work with individuals and groups in and around Hastings to help people engage in positive creative experiences, building communities and connections, improving well-being, and having long lasting effects. This project will help people in Hastings and Rother to explore their coastline, think about climate pledges, be creative and be a part of ‘Beach of Dreams’ 2025.

Their crowdfunding target £5,000.

Learn more about the ‘Discover your Beach of Dreams’.

Project 4: Test the Water: Clean Water Action Pollution Watch by Clean Water Action Group

Clean Water Action Group (CWAG) are a non-partisan group of volunteers who are testing, lobbying, collaborating and sharing evidence-based information to reduce pollution and improve water quality. CWAG are crowdfunding so they can test the sea water for pollution twice a week on beaches in Hastings & St Leonards and share the results.

Their target is £5,500.

Learn more about Clean Water Action Pollution Watch.


How you can support crowdfunders 

  1. Donate to the crowdfunders and pledge what you can.
  2. Follow them on their social media channels.
  3. Like, comment and share their posts to amplify their hard work and good cause.
  4. Tell friends, family and colleagues about the projects you think they’d be interested in.