Guest post by Henry Young.

October has to be the most crammed month in the Library calendar, how do you select books that celebrate Libraries Week, National Poetry Day, Get Online and Black History Month?

To celebrate Black History Month we have Jordan Stephens – formally of the hip-hop duo Rizzle Kicks – with illustrator Beth Suzanna for a very special event. Also visiting libraries this month are, poet, comedian and raconteur Henry Normal, historical fiction writer Ethan Bale, Lesley Thomson for crime fans and Karen Newby discussing the Natural Menopause Method.

For families looking for free activities in the library this autumn we’ve got storytellers, singers and spooky crafts for Halloween. Ed Boxall invites you all to The Wild and Jenny McLachlan introduces a Stink fairy!

Visit the libraries events page for more information.

The Lost Prince Ethan HaleTop Fiction: ‘The Lost Prince’ Ethan Bale – chosen by Nigel

Described by Bernard Cornwell as “A brutal, brilliant tale, told with verve and pace” what more do you need?

November 1485. A mysterious Hungarian noblewoman Maria Hunyadi lays a quest at the feet of Sir John Hawker, loyal retainer to the fallen King Richard III and protector of Richard’s illegitimate son, Sir Giles Ellingham. The mission: to liberate her father from imprisonment in a remote Wallachian mountain fortress. The prisoner: Vlad Dracula.

Ethan is visiting Battle Library on the 18 Oct 2023!


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The Natural Menopause Method by Karen NewbyTop Non Fiction: ‘The Natural Menopause method’ Karen Newby – chosen by Nancy

The Natural Menopause method is a complete one-stop guide to the perimenopause and menopause, covering everything from recognising symptoms to managing relationships and understanding which treatments really work. Author Karen Newby takes a holistic approach to midlife and the biological and social challenges it throws at us.

Described as repetitive (in a good way) and not too heavy going, with just the right amount of science! This book is informative and also really attractive, lovely illustrations and relaxing colours throughout.

Karen Newby is visiting Seaford Library on the 24 October.


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Poor by Caleb FemiAudio: ‘Poor’ Caleb Femi – chosen by Matty

What is it like to grow up in a place where the same police officer who told your primary school class there were special stops and searches, searches you at 13 because ‘you fit the description of a man’ – and where it is possible to walk two and a half miles through an estate of 1,444 homes without ever touching the ground?

In Poor, Caleb Femi explores the trials, tribulations, dreams and joys of young black boys in twenty-first century Peckham. He contemplates the ways in which they are informed by the built environment of concrete walls and gentrifying neighbourhoods that form their stage.

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More Would You Rather by John BurninghamChildren’s Fiction: ‘More Would You Rather’ John Burningham – chosen by Deirdre

Would you rather have breakfast with bears, lunch with a lion or dinner with ducks? Would you like to fly with the pelicans or swim with the fish? Would it be worse if an elephant made a terrible smell or you fell over in a field of cows? Ask – and answer – these questions and many more in this funny, imaginative game of a book from John Burningham.

This book – like You Choose by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt – is a great way of explaining choice to young children and voting to slighter older children. It’s a great, very silly, discussion book.

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A Book of Dogs (and other canines) by Katie ViggersChildren’s non fiction: ‘A Book of Dogs (and other canines)’ Katie Viggers – chosen by Michael

Do you know the difference between a sight and a smell hound? Can you tell your pug from your poodle? From faithful family pet to wild pack animal, discover all there is to know about our canine friends (and their wild relatives) in this charming compendium of dogs from author/illustrator Katie Viggers. With quirky illustrations and fascinating facts, A Book of Dogs is the perfect introduction for children to this much-loved animal.

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