Family Hubs are launching in East Sussex to offer support to families with children 0-19.

Last month, the first of eleven Family Hubs launched in Hastings. This centre and other sites across the county will offer parents and carers support and guidance, as well as providing a place for parents and young children to socialise.

James, a father of two, who lives in a one-bedroom flat and doesn’t have access to a garden or a safe space for play, said: “Family Hubs have helped us get out of the house, it’s very relaxed and friendly. If you have any problems, you can speak to someone, it’s been a big help”.

What are family hubs?

With hubs located in the local community and online, they offer an all-important one-stop shop for families with children and young people aged 0-19, or up to 25 for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

What can I expect at my local family hub?

Family life with a new baby is challenging.  The Start4Life programme offers support and guidance from a team of midwives, health visitors, early years practitioners and early communication support workers – all under one roof.

Professionals are on hand to listen to any concerns parents may have.  They can share ideas and advice, including how to support a child’s learning at home.  The free stay-and-play sessions for under 5s allow families to meet others and for children to play together.

There’s also plenty of information about remaining mentally and emotionally well – essential for parents when they’re building a strong relationship with their baby.

Tips for all stages and ages

For families with older children, free parenting courses offer tips on dealing with children and young people at all stages and ages.

A warm and friendly welcome

For some, joining a group can be daunting.  Helen, a mother of two young children who attends the Hastings Hub can offer reassurance: “Everyone’s always really kind, really helpful – you can get advice when you need it”.

Follow-up support such as home visits or group sessions are also available.

Developing skills for life and volunteering

Family Hubs can also help parents and carers boost skills in areas such as first aid, employment, budgeting, maths, and English.

Courses can be online or in-person, and some offer a free creche for under-5s while you learn.

There’s a chance to develop skills further through a volunteer programme, which includes training and volunteer roles at Family Hubs.

Find your local family hub

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