Stress and poor mental health are two of the big challenges of our modern fast-paced society. Fortunately, it’s easier now than ever to talk about them. In East Sussex there’s lots of support available for anyone who needs it.

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There’s also much greater understanding about how mental health and physical health are not separate things. The reality is they cannot be separate. There is no health without mental health and stress can lead to numerous health problems.

Modern day epidemic

Stress Awareness Month has been held every April since 1992 to raise awareness of the causes and cures for our modern-day stress epidemic. And with all the challenges of the current cost of living crisis it couldn’t be more timely.

Removing the guilt, shame, and stigma around mental health, Stress Awareness Month encourages everyone to talk about stress. It urges us to open up about our mental and emotional state with friends, families, colleagues, and professionals.

There’s lots of help and support out there for mental health, but how do you know where to start? Below you can find more details on some options to help you get the support you need, from self-help to support in a crisis.

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Think you might be struggling but aren’t sure? Have a look at our article ‘How are you feeling?


Our minds, just like our bodies, need care and attention every day to stay as well as possible. To help you take better care of your mind and look after your wellbeing, Every Mind Matters will get you started with a free NHS-approved Mind Plan. By answering five quick questions you’ll get a personalised action plan. This will contain practical tips to help you deal with stress and anxiety, boost your mood, sleep better, and feel more in control.

You can also find lots of helpful tips, articles, and links to other trusted information on the website. Feeling lonely, or struggling to deal with change or money worries? There’s advice for you. Worried about someone else or not sure how to help? That’s covered as well.

Why not check it out today: Every Mind Matters.

Health in Mind

If you’ve noticed difficult thoughts, feelings or other symptoms that aren’t passing, you don’t have to manage alone – Health in Mind is here to help you.

Health in Mind is a free NHS service for anyone over 18 in East Sussex experiencing symptoms of stress, anxiety, or low mood. The service offers courses, one to one talking therapy as well as online treatment programmes. You don’t need a GP referral to use the service, you can self-refer at

Here are few examples of reasons a referral to Health in Mind could make a huge difference:

  • If you find it hard to stop worrying
  • If you feel nervous, on edge or more irritable
  • If you’ve been feeling down or hopeless
  • If you’ve lost interest or pleasure in doing things

They can also help people with some long-term physical health conditions as well as those with problems sleeping, as both can have a significant impact on how we feel.

People often wait several months before making contact, but we encourage people to identify symptoms and make a referral sooner. Tackling issues at an earlier stage means quicker access to treatment and can prevent symptoms worsening.

Still not sure? Visit the Health in Mind website to take an anonymous quiz which can help identify if you’d benefit from a service like this.

Contact your GP

Contact your GP practice for ongoing concerns about your mental health which aren’t improving with self-help interventions, whether these are new experiences or related to a pre-existing issue or diagnosis.

Mental health helplines

You might feel unsure about reaching out for help, want some more information, or have a specific concern you want to discuss. There are lots of mental health charities that have dedicated helplines where you can get expert advice. These range from helplines for men, children and young people, to anxiety, drug and alcohol misuse, bereavement, crime and more.

Visit the NHS website for a list of mental health helplines and organisations: Get help from a mental health charity helpline.

Help in a crisis

The Sussex Mental Healthline can help if you need urgent or crisis support with your mental health. Call them for free on 0800 0309 500, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or visit: Urgent help in a crisis.

They are staffed by a team of experienced operators and offer support to those who may be in crisis, distressed and in urgent need of help. The operators can offer general advice regarding managing mental health issues and suggest tools and coping strategies. They can also give information on how to access a wide range of support and voluntary organisations, both local and national.

If you’re thinking about suicide, or worried about someone you know, visit Preventing Suicide in Sussex for help. As well as telling you where to get help and how to help someone else, the site has tips for coping right now. It also has practical tips that have helped other people who have had suicidal thoughts.

Our article ‘Getting urgent help for your mental health’ also has more ways to get urgent help in a crisis or if you are suicidal.

Children and Young People

Parents and young people seeking help can take a look at Open for Parents, or find i-rock on Facebook for details of a drop-in service for young people 14-25 in Hastings, Eastbourne and Newhaven. Alternatively contact the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Check out our article ‘Mental health tools for young people’ if you’re under 18 or worried about someone who is.

East Sussex Mental Health Directory

There is lots of help out there so if you try one option and aren’t sure if it’s right for you, don’t be disheartened.

Our Mental Health Directory is packed full of more local and national services and support. These include money advice, drug and alcohol services, low cost counselling services, and LGBTQ+ support. There’s also support with employment, and support and advice for asylum seekers, refugees and new migrant communities in East Sussex (and lots more).

Have a look today: East Sussex mental health directory.

Cost of living crisis

There’s help too, if you just have questions about where you can get help, advice or support during the cost of living crisis. We’ve pulled together a host of information and contacts from local and national organisations there to help: Money help and advice