Often associated with being cold, dark and wet, it’s easy to overlook February. True, it isn’t filled with sparkly lights and presents or balmy evenings swimming in the sea. However, there is plenty of magic to enjoy in this mini-month. Here are 5 reasons to love February (or at least not wish it away) …

5. Less rainy days

One reason to love February is that it gives us less rainy days. On average in East Sussex, February gets considerably less rainfall than October, November, December or January making it the driest cold month of the year. February also gets less rainfall on average than August!

While admittedly February doesn’t get a huge amount of sun in comparison to other months, it’s worth noting that East Sussex gets over 10 hours more of sunshine in February than the country’s average.

4. It’s cosy

Despite less rain, February is still very cold meaning it’s our last opportunity before the spring arrives to get cosy and enjoy hibernating. Soon enough we’ll be filling our social calendars with outside activities and evenings in the garden. Use this opportunity to snuggle down, drink warm comforting drinks (maybe a hot chocolate) and prioritise resting and recharging before the light evenings make it almost impossible to stay inside.

3. One whole day to celebrate love

Valentine’s Day isn’t everyone’s favourite but over the last few years, the sentiment around it has changed. It used to mean heart shaped boxes of chocolates, red roses and cheesy greetings cards, whereas now it can also be about celebrating your platonic soulmates. So, whether you’re single or in a relationship, you can take part in Valentine’s by celebrating:

  • Galentine’s (between female friends)
  • Malentine’s (between male friendships)
  • Palentine’s (between all friends)

2. Daffodils

As we get to the end of the winter, there is nothing more uplifting than seeing rows of daffodils springing up. Daffodils have long been a symbol of hope and are a beautiful contrast to the surrounding environment that is still showing the wears and tears of winter.

1. Pancake Day (or Shrove Tuesday)

It is estimated that 157 million pancakes are consumed across the UK on pancake day. Amongst Christians, pancake day is an opportunity to clear out your cupboard of ingredients and make pancakes before you embark on lent. But for the more secular minded, it is usually a day to find as many toppings and accompaniments to enjoy with your pancakes. This alone should be a reason to love February. Name any other day in the year dedicated to a top tier food? We’ll wait…

Still not convinced by our ‘5 reasons to love February‘? Lucky for you, February is the shortest month!