Do you have plans to visit Camber Sands this summer? From congestion warnings to beach safety advice, here are three things you MUST know before you set off…

Traffic queuing

You’ll get stuck in traffic

Camber looks like the perfect haven for a family beach day. However, with thousands of people flocking there every year, the impact on the village means it can quickly lose its tranquillity, going from restful to stressful.

There is only one road in and one road out to the beach. On warm sunny days, the car park fills up fast and the roads become heavily congested. This means visitors and residents alike can become stuck in hot cars and queuing in slow traffic. This is not only frustrating but also uncomfortable – being stuck in a hot car for hours can increase the risk of heat stroke and dehydration. The congestion also makes it hard for emergency service vehicles to get through, or access the beach when needed.

To avoid spending your day off stuck in traffic, consider visiting a park or green space elsewhere in Rother or keep an eye on RDC’s social media channels  for up-to-date info on congestion.

Rubbish on Camber Sands Beach

Camber is someone’s home

Camber is home to around 1,265 people and every summer (or heatwave), experiences a huge wave of eager beach-goers, bringing an influx of traffic, congestion and litter.

Last summer, after a busy day at Camber Sands, a whopping 10 tonnes of waste was collected from one beach. That’s the equivalent of around 190,000 plastic bottles! If you’re visiting and the bins are full, please take your rubbish (and dog waste) home with you, and help us protect the environment.

Ensure you park safely and respectfully while visiting. Careless parking can make it hard for residents when visitors block their driveways or roads. It also causes an obstruction when cars park on pavements and dropped curbs. This forces people to walk in the road and makes crossings inaccessible for wheelchair and pushchair users.

If visiting please remember that Camber is someone’s home and to treat it like you would your own.

'FLOAT' with man in the water spreading out his arms and legs

Beach safety could save your life

Before visiting the coast, make it your mission to learn about water and beach safety. Many people are unfamiliar with some of the most basic but essential beach and water safety messages. For example, being able to read the beach flags can be the difference between knowing water that is safe to swim in and water that isn’t. Some beach-goers also enter the sea wearing clothes that aren’t suitable for water. This can cause a lag when swimming and cause you to sink faster, making it essential you wear appropriate clothing.

Last year the RNLI launched the Respect the Water campaign which provided lifesaving information on cold water shock, rip currents and what to do if you find yourself in an emergency in the water.

Tip – If you find yourself struggling in the water, remember to: fight the urge to thrash about, lean back and extend your arms and legs, gently move them about to help stay afloat and control your breathing. If possible, signal for help or call 999 or 112.

Knowing this essential information could save you or your child’s life.

If you have kids, you could also show them this catchy beach safety video.

Still planning on visiting Camber? Remember:

  • Park safely and considerately in designated places such as the car park
  • Have a backup plan – consider visiting one of many beautiful parks or green spaces across Rother and East Sussex
  • Follow Rother on social media for for up-to-date information on congested areas
  • Dress in cool, light clothing and bring plenty of water in case you get stuck in traffic
  • Disposable and charcoal BBQs are NOT permitted
  • If you create litter, ensure you take it home with you
  • Be kind and considerate to staff, residents and fellow visitors
  • Prioritise beach safety and check tide times

Updated 22/08/2023