Looking for ways to show your mum just how special she is this Mother’s Day? Nothing says ‘from the heart’ quite like a homemade gift!

We’ve put together this guide of homemade Mother’s Day gift ideas that are genuinely easy to make and are the perfect way to shower mum with appreciation.

Mother’s Day coupons

Craft some homemade coupons that mum can redeem for anything you think she will love. Some of our favourite ideas are:

  • Breakfast in bed
  • Car wash
  • A giant hug
  • Help with gardening
  • Homemade cookies
  • Foot massage
  • Uninterrupted cup of tea!

You can either make your coupons by hand or design them on your computer and print them off. Get as creative as you want, and make sure to sprinkle in a dash of love for good measure!

Mum’s ‘emergency stash’ kit

Sometimes mum just needs to put her feet up, sip on a cuppa, and enjoy some treats! Repurpose an old tin, box, jar, or anything that you can load up with some of her favourite treats. If you have any funky wrapping paper lying around then use this as wrapping for your ‘emergency stash’ kit, and then load it up with all of mum’s most-loved goodies! Chocolate bars, bath bombs, herbal tea bags, hand cream… pick anything you think she’ll love and enjoy when she needs a bit of ‘me time’.

DIY body scrub

If you fancy treating mum to a bit of a pamper, why not make your own super-easy-to-make DIY body scrub? Mum can use it in the bath or shower to exfoliate and nourish her skin!


  • Coconut oil
  • Pink Himalayan salt / sea salt
  • Scented essential oil (our favourite is lavender)

Step 1 – Whisk one tablespoon of coconut oil, 5 drops of your chosen essential oil, and 2 tablespoons of salt together

Step 2 – Spoon into a mason jar or other airtight container

Step 3 – Tie a ribbon around your container, give to mum, and watch her face light up!

Sweet treats

If your mum has a sweet tooth, a great way to show her how much you love her is to get creative in the kitchen and bake her favourite treats. Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies and homemade scones for a special picnic in the garden, or cinnamon rolls for a surprise breakfast in bed, show her you love her with an extra special sweet treat.

Write a poem

While we believe in showing mum appreciation 365 days of the year, Mother’s Day is an extra special occasion to really let her know how much you love her. And what better way than by writing it down in a poem?

Whether you make it funny, heartfelt, sweet, or silly, a poem is the perfect way to honour your mum and express your love for her through words.

Check out Pinterest for some poem inspo and ideas!

Last thoughts

However you decide to celebrate with mum this year, you’re sure to make her heart full with a meaningful homemade gift which she can cherish forever. The best thing about making something from scratch is that it means your gift is completely unique and one-of-a-kind, just like your mum!