Being a mum can be hard work! This last year has been especially tough, with children home and parents trying support school lessons – often while trying to work. Make sure you thank the mums in your life this Mother’s Day, Sunday 14 March, with some of these nice ideas. Don’t worry, even if you’ve forgotten and are having a last minute panic, you’ll be able to do one of these.

Homemade gifts and cards

We’ve always said that making something for someone is a lovely way to show you care. Homemade gifts and cards are perfect for Mother’s Day, especially if you’ve got young children. Here are some cute and easy ideas we’ve seen online that you could try…

  • If your mum/partner is a tea drinker, a ‘tea-riffic’ card is a cute way to show her you care. Simply stick a circular tea bag onto a card, draw on a smiley face and sun rays, then write ‘you’re tea-riffic’.
  • Get the little ones helping round the house for mum’s present with these vouchers for ‘tidying my bedroom’, ‘emptying the dishwasher’, ‘putting away my toys’, ‘making my own lunch’ etc. Children will enjoy coming up with ideas and decorating the coupons.
  • Colourful children’s handprints look just like flowers, so get crafty with some paints and make a bouquet of handprint flowers to treasure those little hands forever.
  • Get a terracotta plant pot and let your children decorate it. Then they can plant some colourful flowers inside. Here’s some inspiration from Pinterest.
  • Instead of spending lots of money on a personalised family tree, why not make one yourself? All you need is a canvas and some bits and pieces to make your family members. Scrabble tiles make a nice modern piece and even the least crafty people can manage this idea!  Instead of scrabble letters you could make little people out of stones, lego figures, buttons – get creative!

Shop-bought ideas

You don’t have to spend much money to show that you care. It’s the thought that counts after all.

Shop local where you can this year to support small and local businesses.

  • There are so many different types of subscription nowadays – gin, cake, tea, magazine, bath bomb, make up. You name it, they’ve got it. It’s a nice different present and you can choose something that your mum really likes to be sent straight to her house every month, so she has a little treat every few weeks. Search online for ideas.
  • We all take so many photos on our phones these days, but they usually end up sitting there, not being printed. A photo book or collage makes a lovely thoughtful present, and there are usually lots of deals around holidays like Mothers’ Day. You can get photos printed onto almost anything.
  • Make your mum/partner feel special with an experience or day out. While we can’t yet go out and celebrate, the hope is that we will soon. Why not book a deal online for afternoon tea, cocktail making, spa sessions, theatre trips, race car days etc. A special day out doesn’t have to cost the world. Keep an eye on discount websites like Groupon and
  • A personalised piece of jewellery is a lovely way for mum to be reminded of her children wherever she goes. You can get names, special dates, finger prints, birth stones, or anything else significant put onto a necklace or bracelet for a precious, individual gift. Websites like Etsy and Not on the High Street have lots.


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