Keeping your child safe is obviously your number one priority but it can be tough. As part of our year-long child protection campaign, this month, we are looking at accidental poisoning in the home and how to prevent it.

Accidental poisoning is unfortunately one of the most common causes of injury-related hospital admissions for under-fives, and on average three children attended an East Sussex A&E every week during 2018.

Did you know that 70% of all hospital admissions due to accidental poisoning are from medicines?  And 20% are from garden chemicals and cleaning products.

Other causes include:

  • Carbon monoxide.
  • Button batteries
  • E-cigarette refills.

From six months old your little one is starting to be a little more aware of their surroundings and their motor skills will be improving. This means they will start putting whatever they can get their hands on into their mouths.

Three top tips for keeping your baby safe:

Keep all medicine securely stored. Child resistant caps and blister packs for tablets may slow children down but they are not child proof so should still be kept stored away.

Check what’s in your bag. You may be keeping medicines and tablets on a high shelf out of reach but don’t forget any you may have stashed in your bag or in your bedside table.

Use cupboard locks or latches. Washing detergent can be harmful to children. It can cause accidental poisoning and also squirt into the eyes and cause damage. The capsules often come in boxes that aren’t child-resistant and come in very bright appealing colours.

For more information on how to avoid accidental poisoning visit the Child Accident Prevention Trust website