December 3rd is ‘Make a Gift Day’ so stock up your glitter and glue supplies and get making some Christmas presents!

We love this idea – it’s low-cost, really personal and environmentally friendly. You might even discover a new hobby.

As we’ve said in previous posts, Pinterest is your friend for all things crafty. Here are some homemade gift ideas that really don’t require a huge amount of skill, time or equipment:

  • Sweets make yummy gifts and you can present them in such fun and festive ways. Pile them up to look like Christmas sleighs or fill up cone-shaped bags to look like reindeer or Christmas trees.
  • Homemade bath bombs, salts and tea bags are much easier to make than you may think. You can choose your own colours and scents and add in hidden toys, flower petals and glitter.
  • Air drying clay is clay that you don’t need to cook in a kiln. It’s easy to use and you can find amazing tutorials to make ornaments and crockery, which you can stamp with handprints, shells and leaves, cookie cutters, lace and decorate when dry. The choices are endless. This is a lovely activity to do with children and you can make tree decorations by stamping a hole and stringing ribbon through.
  • A shadow box is a deep photo frame that you can put 3D objects in. They make lovely presents and can be themed however you like. You can get really nostalgic and collect old photos, toys and clothes for a little time capsule. Or why not display collections of theatre and cinema tickets or your family tree? Whatever you like! It is a truly personal gift and there are loads of ideas online.
  • Feeling frugal? Make some vouchers. Think free babysitting, an offer of help around the house or garden, a haircut or manicure, a movie night with popcorn, breakfast in bed, whatever you can offer someone.
  • We all take lots of photos but often forget to actually print them. Why not create a photo gift? A collage, album or scrap book are the traditional options, but you can also get them printed onto just about anything.

Have you got any other ideas for homemade presents? Let us know in the comments.