Date(s) - 13/02/2022
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Astronomy Adventures are raising Funds at Katie’s Cakes & Bake Sale Pebsham Community Centre All funds go to Katie
13th February—2pm to 4pm
£4 per ticket for Children all activities Included
Take a Journey to Mars, Design your Rocket and Launch it, From launch to landing on the red planet, Make Oxygen(for breathing) and Hydrogen (For Fuel) and plant your own food to grow at home or Mars!
Includes 20 mins in the Planetarium!
20 Minute Planetarium Show
We will be taking you on a Journey to Mars where we will explore and make everything for our Survival! Your ticket is your first step to an out of this world experience!
Make a Bottle Rocket and Launch it!
Takes place throughout the afternoon
Make Exploding bubbles from water, by splitting it into Hydrogen (For propellant to get you back Home) and Oxygen (To Breath)!
Space Colouring & Word search
Free Star Map & Moon maps and lots More!
Hold the oldest object you can ever hold! A meteor from Space
The science events on a first come basis!
All profits go to Jack Jeffreys Super Hero Trust!
And of course Katie’s Cakes and Bakes lots of lovely Cakes to eat in and Boxed to take away!
£4 for all of this approx 40- mins Everything we make goes to Jack Jeffreys Super Hero Trust