Date(s) - 24/10/2021
All Day

Welcome to Hastings Storytelling Festival 2021
It’s good to be out of the Zoomiverse and back into the physical world.
The famously diverse, progressive and inclusive festival will delight and entertain once again in 2021 with immersive, creative and thought provoking storytelling for everyone.
​Events include: 
Saturday 16 October: The Tale of the Whale with Padmacandra
Sunday 17 October: Cloudscapes with Gobbledegook Theatre
Monday 18 October: Anna Mudeka, Kure Kure Faraway
Tuesday 19 October: AFLO. The Poet & Guests
Wednesday 20 October: Luke Wright
Thursday 21 October: Letter to My Little Queer Self & Other Stories
Friday 22 October: Old Time Sailors
Saturday 23 October: Thomas Taylor
Saturday 23 October: Goddesses & Heroines with Xanthe Gresham Knight
Saturday 23 October: Emily Hennessey and Sheema Mukherjee: Kali
Saturday 23 October: Juliet Russell, Helen Epega and the Red Rebel Brigade
Saturday 23 October: Urucum – Oracle of Demarcated Bodies
Sunday 24 October: Children’s Day & Carnival
Please visit the website for further details and events.