Date(s) - 18/02/2022
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Every Friday from 18th Feb to 1st April 1pm – 3pm
This project will enhance the area that can be used for monitoring and ringing birds flying through and visiting the area.
Before monitoring and ringing can start a natural barrier needs to be created to screen the area from the public. Hazel and holly will be cut to form living hedges whilst other trees, brambles and additional holly will be used to create dead hedges.
This project will also allow light into the ponds to promote biodiversity and clean the water flowing through the park.
Please note that participants will not be bird ringing but preparing the area.
Learn how to use tools safely to create living and dead hedges
Increase knowledge about conservation and the importance of having a diversity of species and habitats within the park.
Learn how to identify birds, trees and plants.
Increase social skills by working in a team with others. Share skills and experience with others.
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Alexandra Park Buckshole catchment pond 1, near Old Roar Gill.
Meeting at the footpath at the end of Vale Road, you will see some bollards near the footpath entrance
Hastings TN37 7HF