Date(s) - 09/06/2020
10:00 am - 11:30 am

Home-Start East Sussex will be delivering a new six-week online programme called ‘Being Mum’  via Zoom from June 2020. The programme is for first-time mums with pre-crawling babies, living in the Eastbourne Borough area.
The programme will support first-time mothers with the changes and challenges that they might be struggling with in their transition to motherhood. Topics are initially mother-centred and include identity changes and feelings of isolation, wellbeing tips, co-parenting and balancing partner relationships with their new baby. These will lead to baby-centred sessions supporting bonding and attachment, and helping to meet their learning and development milestones, to give babies the best start in life.
The aim of the group is that mothers feel happier, more confident and less isolated so they are in a better place to bond with their baby and meet their learning and development milestones, ultimately leading to a better future for the baby and themselves.
We also recognise the particular importance of this programme during the COVID-19 crisis, since many new mothers will be unable to access services that would usually be available to them. We have chosen to use Zoom to enable remote delivery to new mothers who may be feeling particularly isolated and unsupported until in-person services can resume. When it is safe to do so, we intend to run the group in-person to better facilitate the development of friendships with other mothers in clients’ local area.
The first round of programmes will be commencing the second week of June, with sessions running from 10am-11.30am,
For Eastbourne Borough residents on Tuesdays from the 9th
Please note, with the programme being delivered via Zoom, you will need to have access to a wifi connection.
Please visit our website for further details.