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Babies and young children are most at risk from dehydration, which can be fatal. Keep children out of the midday heat and make sure they are..

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Sunburn is painful and can lead to more severe health risks. Know the risks and the best way to protect yourself and your child this summer http://ow.ly/ihPV50uRFQ0..

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Looking for great days out? We’ve rounded up some events for this weekend and beyond. What will you be up to? http://ow.ly/IkOk50uRwiP

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We are at Newhaven Fort this afternoon to commemorate the bravery of Flying Officer George McKinley of 610 squadron RAF who, 75 years ago, made..

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BBQs cause hundreds of accidents each summer, with most happening at home. Always keep kids away from the BBQ – they can stay very hot for..

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