Written by Phie Bannister

Sunday 19 June is Father’s Day. Whether it’s your Dad, Uncle, Grandad or someone else you’re celebrating, show him you care with these easy gift and treat ideas.

DIY chocolate bar poem

Grab a handful of his favourite sweets, stick them on to a piece of card and write a poem around them, including their names.
For example:

To the best Dad in the GALAXY,
You always BOOST me up,
Today, take TIMEOUT to relax,
Love you to MARS and back x


Treat your Dad to a monthly delivery of one of his favourite things. It could be a bottle of beer, a magazine, a cake or some seeds, the option are endless! There are often deals around Father’s Day to get money off, or if you’re really organised and thrifty, you could post or deliver his monthly treat yourself, rather than via a company.

Quality time

We all live such busy lives, and spending quality time together can be the best gift. And it doesn’t need to include any expensive days out. Putting your phones away, chatting, going for a walk, enjoying a meal together and simply being present can be the best present!

Art to treasure forever

Little children can create art for Dad/Grandad to treasure forever using their handprints, drawings and photographs. Let them decorate a plain frame around a family photo, transform their handprints into cute cards or get a drawing turned into a mouse-mat, keyring or coaster.

Help round the house

Parents are always grateful for help around the house, so give your dad a day off jobs by offering to cook, clean, mow the lawn, do some DIY or wash the car. You could make a physical coupon to give him, or just write your promise in a card.

Print your photos

We take more photos than ever before, but most of us keep them in our phone rarely to be looked at again. Take the opportunity to make a photobook online, or print some photos and put them in an album or frame.


Playing with toys isn’t reserved for the under 10s! Treat your Dad or Grandad to some Lego, a model vehicle or puzzle that he can enjoy building or painting. It can be a lovely activity to do together with younger children and might even be the start or a new hobby.

DIY movie night

Choose a new or favourite film, buy some snacks and drinks, make the sofa cosy and settle in for a family cinema. Younger children will love closing all the curtains, making tickets and setting up a snack stall.

We know these days can be hard and sad for people and you absolutely don’t have to celebrate them if you don’t want to. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, Step-Dads, Grandads, Uncles, Friends, Single Mums and anyone else doing caring roles out there. We are grateful for you!