Covid-19 has changed the way we live, work and interact with our family and friends – possibly forever. With the rules and restrictions we have grown so used to over the last 16 months coming to an end on 19 July, it’s important to remember that this will take some adjustment for many people.
For each one of us that is excited for life to get back to normal, there will be someone else who is worried about what this may mean. Remember it is okay for people to take this at their own pace.
While we learn to adapt to these changes, we must remember, above all else, to be kind.

Be kind

Bestie not ready for that night out just yet? That’s cool, maybe suggest you have a quiet night in together at a later date. Face masks at the ready (the fun kind this time)!
Sibling nervous about that visit you’ve had planned for weeks because cases are higher in your area? Of course, it’s disappointing when plans get cancelled. But maybe it’s time to dig out that Zoom account again, just for a little while, until everyone is comfortable.

Be respectful

Someone on the bus still wants to wear their mask? Great! That’s their choice – and the government still recommends wearing them in crowded areas. You don’t need to question them on why they wish to continue wearing it.
What about the café down the road that’s still operating with reduced capacity? Then that’s what they feel is safest right now, and that’s okay too. Avoid the frustration of not getting a table at your fave place to eat, book ahead where you can. And certainly don’t take that frustration out on staff!

Be safe

Above all else it’s important that we all take this next step safely and in our own time. Although the restrictions will have ended – meaning they are no longer a legal requirement – it is still important to manage our own risk of spreading coronavirus.
We recommend remembering it as 2+2+1. Two tests. Two jabs. One mask.
2 – Continue to test yourself twice a week, especially if you are going out to work, have children in school or are socialising in groups.
2 – Even when vaccinated it is still possible to catch and spread Covid-19. Having both of your jabs reduces this and the chance of getting severely ill because of it.
1 – Carry a face covering – some places are likely still going to ask you to wear one.
We’re all used to this by now, and you probably own more of them then you ever thought you would – but here’s our article on how to make your own just in case.
Along with being kind to those around you, it’s more important than ever right now to be kind to yourself too. If you are worried about life after lockdown you can read up on our tips for how to manage post-pandemic anxiety.
It’s okay to be the one to say no, to take a rain-check, to try again in a few weeks’ time.
Full details of the changes that are coming on July 19 can be found on the website.