Support with Confidence (SWC) recently reached an exciting milestone when Dawn Exon became the 300th member of the scheme.

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Dawn Exon, SWC’s 300th member

What is Support with Confidence?

SWC is an accredited scheme that aims to provide peace of mind for those looking for care and support in their home. The scheme offers a directory of approved care providers for Adults across East Sussex. From personal care, to admin support, home maintenance and pet care, the scheme facilitates an array of essential services.

Dawn’s story…

Dawn, a Personal Assistant (PA), joined the accredited SWC scheme in April after working for a Care Agency. With a desire to utilise her wide range of skills and offer a more person-centred approach, she became a self-employed PA.

Dawn felt she could relate well to others trying to juggle work, chores and personal commitments. With experience of running a house and holding down a job, she remembers struggling to find time for herself. As well as the daily struggles, Dawn has also enjoyed supporting clients living with dementia in earlier roles.

A wealth of life experience and recovering from an illness has enabled Dawn to better empathise with her clients. She knows first-hand how stressful life can be and how essential her PA services are to those needing a helping hand from someone they can trust.

From PA to BA, Dawn also holds a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Practice and has helped a client fulfilling a life-long ambition to learn how to draw. She plans to use these skills alongside her PA role, offering clients a creative outlet to support better mental wellbeing.

A big thanks to the Support with Confidence members

The Support with Confidence team is looking forward to following Dawn’s journey. Dawn is very excited to be part of the scheme and the team are even more excited to have her onboard.

The scheme is proud to have reached this milestone. This would not have been possible without the continued hard work from the longstanding SWC members as well as the newer members.

Want to find out more?

Are you interested in becoming an accredited provider with SWC? Please visit the website to learn more.

If you are looking to find help at home that you can trust, visit the SWC directory of services and providers.