The census is happening very soon, and it only comes around once every ten years!

Taking part in this important national survey means you get to help shape the future of your community. Your data will help inform decisions about services needed in your area, like doctors’ surgeries and new schools.

Why is the census so important?

Without the information you share, it’d be more difficult to understand our community’s needs and plan and fund public services. Whether it’s used to plan apprenticeship schemes, bike lanes or nursery spaces, your information makes a difference to the life of every single person in the county.

These things matter to us all, so everyone must complete the census.

What happens to my data?

Submitting your information can feel daunting, but please don’t worry – your information is confidential and extremely secure. All information you share in the census is protected by law and the census only ever publishes anonymous statistics.

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) runs the census in England and Wales and is independent from government.

When does all this happen?

Census Day itself is Sunday 21 March, but you can fill yours in online as soon as you get your access code in the post. If your household circumstances change on Census Day, you can let The ONS know.

After Census Day, field officers from The ONS will be visiting households who have not yet submitted information. They will encourage people to complete the census and assist with access to further help if needed. They will never need to enter your house and will be working in the same way as a postal or food delivery visit, wearing PPE and working in line with government guidance.

Remember, by filling in your census questionnaire you are helping make sure you and your community get the services needed for the next 10 years and beyond. That’s why it’s so important to take part.

If you, or anyone you know, needs help, there are a wide range of support services available. For more information visit The Census 2021 website

Census jobs

The Office for National Statistics are looking to hire people like you in a range of exciting temporary roles to make census 2021 a success. The census is a survey about all of us and the ONS need your help and enthusiasm to encourage everyone to participate.

To find out more about the roles that are available, visit the ONS census jobs website