If from 1st to the 24th of December, your house plays host to one of Santa’s elves, you’ll no doubt be familiar with the late-night panic when you realise your mischievous little elf hasn’t yet got up to any mischief. Well don’t worry, we’ve got your back with lots of ideas for mischievous elves.

Your mischievous elf’s arrival

Did your elf survive the Covid-19 pandemic? If they did then you’re going to need an arrival letter. I think we could be friends have some great ideas including a great way to get your kids to clear out their toys that could then be donated to charity.

Keeping it current

Few people will look back at 2020 and not recall the pandemic. Lockdown, face coverings, etc etc. So, why not get the elves involved too. You can buy all sorts of pandemic related elf paraphernalia online including teeny tiny elf face coverings, elf-isolation (see what I did there!?) or test result letters. There are a lot of non-covid related props too and Pinterest has some great DIY elf props and accessories.  If you’re going to buy something why not support small independent retailers and head over to Etsy!

A parting gift from your mischievous elf

When the elves leaves for the North Pole on Christmas eve, often they leave behind little bags of reindeer food. We’d recommend this glitter free wildlife friendly reindeer food recipe from the RSPCA  and some hot chocolate and marshmallows to be enjoyed before bedtime is usually a winner!

Mischievous friends

Why should the elves have all the fun? Get the other toys involved too and let them get up to mischief together! They could have a mini marshmallow snowball fight, have a camp out or perhaps the toys are intervening and trying to stop the elf from getting up to mischief.

Let us know what your mischievous little elves get up to by sharing your photo on social media with the hashtag #ElvesOfEastSussex

Elf on the shelf getting up to mischief surrounded by Christmas decorationsOne of Santa's toy elves getting up to mischief in a home decorated for ChristmasElf on the Shelf getting up to mischief Elf on the shelf getting up to mischief