Learning a new language or taking up running can be a great way to cope with lockdown 2. However, this doesn’t have to be the period you emerge as the new and improved version of yourself. We are living through a pandemic and should consider nurturing our mental health and wellbeing by finding time for necessary self-care during lockdown. Sometimes just getting through the day is all we can ask of ourselves.

2020 has been filled with anxiety, uncertainty and, for many, feelings of isolation. In the first lockdown we attended countless zoom quizzes and video calls with family, friends and colleagues to connect beyond our household. During this time, little emphasis was made on staying connected with ourselves. Lockdown has carried a pressure to hone new skills and manifest positive lifestyle changes, but perhaps our focus can be on prioritising basic self-care.

Small acts of self-care can make a huge impact on our wellbeing, so while you may not speak fluent Italian by Christmas, you may have formed a healthier sleep pattern or made a commitment to check in with yourself each day.

Start a wellbeing journal

Writing can be a great tool to processing emotions and experiences. It can give us the opportunity to ask ourselves how we are and what we need that day. If you’re stuck with what to write, there are plenty of journaling prompts available online or alternatively try letting the words flow. If you are tight on time, consider bullet journaling.

Sleep is self-care

We all know sleep is vital to our wellbeing and we often feel more equipped to face the day when we’ve had a restful night. The NHS has some great tips online to help you wind down and create a better night time routine.

Picking up an old hobby or favourite book

Feelings of familiarity can be comforting in moments of stress. They can take us back to a time where things felt more normal and create a feeling of stability. Don’t have that favourite book to hand? Consider getting a library card and you can borrow free eBooks and audiobooks without having to leave your sofa.

There are plenty of wellbeing resources online to help carry out self-care for your mental health throughout lockdown. East Sussex Libraries have collated some useful wellbeing resources including wellbeing bags for the whole family. You can also find helpful information and tools at Every Mind Matters.

Lockdown or not, making time for yourself and carrying out self-care is always beneficial.