So, lockdown… we meet again.

It’s not the perfect scenario for anyone, having just managed to get our heads around the ‘new normal’, rule of six and constant ‘Hands, Face, Space’ reminders. It is, however, an important measure and a big step towards tackling the increase in coronavirus cases.

From Thursday 5 November you must:

  • Stay at home, except for specific purposes.
  • Avoid meeting people you do not live with, except for specific purposes.
  • Close certain businesses and venues.

These new measures will reduce the growth rate of the virus, which will:

  • prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed
  • ensure schools, colleges and universities can stay open
  • ensure that as many people as possible can continue to work

Read about the latest guidance on the national restrictions at GOV.UK or watch this two minute update about the national lockdown in BSL.

It’s as vital as ever to look after those around you, but also to ensure you are looking after yourself both physically and mentally. Over the course of the last lockdown we posted many articles on the best ways to do this. From healthy eating tips, to things to keep the kids occupied and the dos and don’ts of mask wearing – we have you covered from all angles!

Without further ado; here’s a roundup of our ‘Greatest Hits’, if you will – and some links to other important information:

Preparing for lockdown

We may already be here, but our article on lockdown prep contains lots of handy hints and tips to make this tricky time easier. Also, whether you are returning to that home working life, or have been here solidly since March – we’ve got your back with some tips to make it easier!

Medical help

As well as keep an eye out for symptoms of coronavirus, it is important that you also still pay attention to your general health and wellbeing. If something doesn’t seem right, make sure you contact your GP or call 111.

For some, the symptoms of Coronavirus may just feel like a mild cold, if you are unsure whether you’re experiencing symptoms or have got a common cold our article Is it just a cold? might help you decide whether you need to get tested.

Look out for those around you

There may be people around you; friends, family, neighbours, that are particularly vulnerable to coronavirus. They may need or want to stay at home and avoid busy public spaces to lessen the risk of them contracting the virus. It is a great idea to check in on people you know that may not be able or want to go out to the shops right now to collect essential supplies or medication.

Get support and advice

There is information and advice for people who have been identified as clinically extremely vulnerable (often those who were previously asked to shield) or if you need support but you aren’t in this group you may be able to get help or advice from your local community hub or the NHS volunteers.

Keep up to date with the latest Coronavirus news

The East Sussex County Council newsletter is a great source of updates for all changes and info regarding restrictions and local advice.

Deaf charity Sign Health have also been publishing daily videos to their YouTube channel with 2 minute updates in BSL.