It’s true, rules don’t equal fun. Unless of course you’re Monica Geller. But, if you’re more of a Joey or a Rachel, YES is here for you with some top tips on how to catch up with your mates and socialise Covid-19 style. You can hang out with friends and still do your bit to protect yourselves and those around you from Covid-19. (Wondering who Monica Geller is? Let us educate you: Friends is a popular 90s sit-com where SIX FRIENDS had the time of their lives. So what we’re trying to say here is ‘the rule of six’ does not have to be boring.)

Comic book meme with Batman slapping Robin around the face because he asked 'Who's Monica Geller?'

The basics

You’ll have heard it all before but the main things to remember are Hands, Face, Space and the rule of six. Simply put, cover your face when you’re supposed to, wash your hands regularly and wherever possible, keep two metres apart. You should also try to limit how many different people you see socially over a short period of time (this can also work as a great excuse not to see people you don’t want to see).

Staying in

As long as there is no more than six of you in your house at any time and anyone else you live with is happy for other people to come in, that’s fine. But remember social distancing still applies. (There are some exemptions to the rule of six but if you already live in a house of six or more people then unfortunately that means no hosting for you!)

A car driving along a motorway with two signs ahead. Straight on to the pub that closes at 10pm or turn right for Netflix and takeout, the car is swerving to the rightGoing out

You can still go to the pub or to a restaurant but it’s a good idea to book a table in advance and there can’t be more than six of you from multiple households. You’ll also need to wear a face covering all the time you’re in the pub or restaurant, unless you are seated at your table. You’ll also be kicked out by 10pm which might disappoint many but just head home and stick Netflix on.

Playing sport

Outdoor sports are back on, but restrictions will apply. You should still wash your hands often and keep your distance where possible. The rule of six does mean that games of five-a-side (or other team sports with more than six people) are out for the time being. If there is anything, you’re unsure of it is best to check with the governing body for your sport – most of them have published information on their websites and are updating them regularly with what is and isn’t allowed.

Giving your mates a lift or sharing a taxi

You should try not to share a vehicle with those outside your household or support bubble but if you need to the same advice applies; no more than six people (including the driver), wash your hands afterwards, wear face coverings and consider seating arrangements in the car to maximise the distance between you all. It’s also a good idea to keep windows open for ventilation. Friends TV series character Monica Geller standing arms out and palms facing up with a relieved look on her face with the words 'This all makes sense!'

If it’s your car, clean the door handles and other areas that people might touch between journeys. That way you lessen the risk of passing anything nasty on to your mum/dad/nan/gramps etc next time you give them a lift.

You are now free to plan your evenings and weekends and socialise in true Covid-19 style.