As you may have heard, cases of Covid-19 are rising across the UK, and one thing made clear is that we all need to do our bit to prevent the spread of Covid-19. With Government guidance constantly changing and local areas facing their own restrictions, it can be confusing to know what you’re supposed to be doing. So here’s a recap.

It’s now more than six months since social distancing started in the UK and what once seemed a bizarre concept has now become a way of life. Keeping our distance from friends, greeting one another from afar, learning to smile with our eyes because half our face is covered and more recently never being in a group of more than six people!

Covid-19 in East Sussex

At the moment, East Sussex still has low rates of the virus compared to some other parts of England. But, the numbers of cases are rising.

There is a plan for how a local outbreak would be handled and Darrell Gale, Director of Public Health is working closely with his team to continually monitor the local situation. In the event of a local outbreak, Darrell or other public health leaders might need to introduce local lockdowns. They might ask people to avoid certain places or even to stay at home, as the situation is controlled.

East Sussex County Council would let you know about this swiftly, for example on local television, radio and online. You can also sign up now for email updates that are sent if anything new happens that you need to know about.

On the council website you’ll also find latest details about the number of cases where you live and the plan for how a local outbreak would be handled.

What should I do to keep myself and my family safe?

Let’s all do our bit to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the likelihood of further restrictions.