It started out as a video project for a school assembly. Now, it’s a great example and a legacy left behind from Bexhill Academy students about their journey with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Behind the Mask

For Bexhill Academy’s Autism Awareness Week earlier in the year, three students came together to create a video project that describes their journey with ASD for every student and staff member to see.

But the project is more than just a video – it’s a way to help other students and other people have a better understanding of ASD. It also explains all the challenges and change they have gone through in school.

Ellie Anderson, and her fellow Bexhill Academy staff members, explained how it has been a “pleasure” to watch their transformations throughout their time at Bexhill Academy.

“They are known for other things, not just about their autism,” Ellie said.

In their video project, ‘Behind the Mask’, each student describes the challenges they have overcome, such as school exclusions. They also go on to show how they have transformed and progressed. For example, from being in the top set for science, breaking school records for running and working hard for better grades.

Lockdown challenges

Soon after the video was shared at the assembly, the students had to adjust to another challenge: lockdown.

Two of the students in the video, Callum and Bailey, were in their final year at Bexhill Academy and did not realise that their school year on campus would be cut so short.

The pair went on to describe their last day on campus as being just another “standard,” day. However, they did recall one memorable moment where they were dancing and all the students around them were cheering them on and encouraging them.

Callum said that he wishes that he had a chance to have taken his final exams and had more time to improve his grades before leaving, but he wasn’t too upset about the circumstances.

For Bailey, one of the biggest challenges he found in lockdown was not being able to go to one of his favourite spots: McDonald’s.

Both Bailey and Callum explained that they missed their friends from school, but were able to speak with them often over Xbox, their phones, and were even able to hang out with them where appropriate.

“Be yourself and don’t act up.”

They are both excited for the next chapter in life: college.

Callum is looking forward to his place at Bexhill College doing active sports, where as Bailey will attend a sports course in Lewes.

While they are excited to move forward, both the students and Ellie expressed how they will be missed.

A message they hope to leave behind is: “Be yourself and don’t act up.”

As they move on, they hope ‘Behind the Mask’ will serve as a piece of history and leave a legacy behind for other students to embrace.

Find out more about the video project.

Watch Behind the Mask on YouTube.


By Danielle Quijada.