Great to see this is so popular – 26,000 page views and nearly 13,000 of you downloaded the certificate. Even picked up by BBC Radio Sussex! And other council’s nationwide have asked us if they can use it too, so we’ve been giving them a version that they can share with their residents.

Thank you to all the children who have stayed indoors, not always understanding why they can’t go out and see their friends.

And all around the country, children are making rainbows and putting them in their windows, after schools closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s a way for the children to communicate with each other. And sends a message to the vulnerable and elderly to say we are thinking of you and we hope these rainbows will give you some joy.

So here’s a shout out to those children, for raising our spirits and making us smile.

They deserve a medal! Or at least a certificate, to show our appreciation.

The idea to do this came from Daisy, a grandmother, who contacted us on social media and asked if we had a certificate she could give her grandchildren who have been cheering her up. We didn’t have such a thing. So now we’ve made one, and have made it available here as a download so that anyone can give their child or their neighbour’s child, a certificate.

Download and print this certificate

If you have a printer at home, we’ve made this A4 sized certificate that you can download and print. If you don’t have a printer handy, do you have a friend who could print it for you and send it to you in the post?


Lovely to see one of our certificates on Facebook. Well done Lily!


  • Some children have put their certificate in their window.
  • And we’ve spotted some children’s certificates shared on social media.





Share your child’s pictures of rainbows with us

We love to see all the pictures of rainbows your children have been making and putting up in the windows.

Scroll down this page to see some of the talent we have in East Sussex!

If you upload your children’s paintings of rainbows on social media and mention us, and we’ll share it with our followers.

Mention us in your post: Facebook @EastSussexCC  |  Twitter @YourCounty   |  Instagram @your_east_sussex

And what about the parents?

Stuck for things to do at home?

Do you need support during this time?

If you’re feeling isolated, anxious or unwell at home and don’t have anyone that can help you, your local community hub may be able to assist. Community hubs have been set up across the county to provide extra support to those in need.

Also see East Sussex County Council coronavirus help and support pages for residents and businesses.

A gallery of rainbow pictures by children of East Sussex