Heroin. Crack. Cocaine. Ibuprofen. Alcohol. Anyone can develop a dependence on drugs. Anyone can develop a dependence on alcohol. And it is not just the individual that is affected; families, carers and loved ones can be affected too. Help us to break the cycle of dependency. 

By being surrounded with the right support, people can break the cycle of dependency and turn their lives around, but it’s important we make every effort to ensure we provide the services people need most. That’s why we need your help to shape the services available in the county. We want your help to break down the stigma around substance misuse so that more people, like Kanna can begin their recovery journey.

Read Kanna’s story:

“Three years ago, after almost a lifetime in cities, I moved to St Leonards. For me it was all about connection. I wanted to know my neighbours and to be part of the community of oddballs and one-offs that eventually make their way to the Sussex coast.

“I have the perfect job at East Sussex Recovery Alliance (ESRA) and my daily commute is a walk along the seafront.

“My wife and I have three of the best dogs in the world and I couldn’t be happier.

“It hasn’t always been like this. I spent my 40th birthday in rehab and have spent the last 15 years doing everything I can to stay on the wagon.”

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