Happy birthday Tom Baker, timelord, actor, voice over artist and adopted East Sussex son!

The celebrity, celebrating his 86th birthday today (January 20), made his name as the fourth incarnation of TV’s Doctor Who, a role he played between 1974 and 1981.

Baker, who has made East Sussex his home, is nothing short of an icon. Not just for Doctor Who fans, but all around the world. In Britain, he continues to be the most recognizable Doctor, even to non-fans. Even if people don’t know his name, many will say that, of the old ones, they remember “the one with the scarf” the most. Many Dr Who fans would say he was the “definitive” doctor.

And, of course, his voice and narration was a vital component of the hugely successful TV comedy series, Little Britain. That voice was voted the fourth-most recognisable in the UK in 2006.

In previous interview, Tom told Your East Sussex how he came to hear about East Sussex – the county he and his wife would make home.

Finding paradise

He said: “When we decided that we were disappointed with Tunbridge Wells, we started scouring the surrounding areas for our penultimate resting place. Sadly it was a no go.

“Then one day I heard a woman in Marks and Spencer talking intensely to another woman, who was paying great attention: ‘…And after all these years George and I have decided that Sussex, especially East Sussex is just heaven, or paradise as George says. He has varicose veins you know…’ Just then, there was a staff announcement which drowned out the rest of that snippet of wisdom. But this tiny incident led us towards East Sussex.

“Well George was right, paradise is the word. We came across an old fruit farm. It was quiet and very romantic and it whispered to us both. My wife looked at me and I looked at her, and she read my thoughts and within 40 minutes she made an offer. So for the past seven years, we have been in heaven and all thanks to my ear wigging in M&S; thank you George.”

Well, we’re very glad you moved here Tom! And we wish you a very happy birthday!

Tom Baker

Tom Baker