We all know what it’s like to feel stressed and, whether it’s work-related, pressures at home or something else entirely, it’s almost impossible to avoid stress completely. So, as part of National Stress Awareness Day (November 7th), we look at some simple suggestions to help you manage everyday stresses, and find out the surprising ways your library service may be able to help.

Boost your mood.

Did you know your local library has a collection of mood-boosting books for you to borrow? The collection contains uplifting titles including novels, poetry and non-fiction. All the books listed are recommended by readers and reading groups around the country and are available online – have a look on the e-library.

Take time out.

Sometimes, having a quiet space to get away from it all can be an enormous help, allowing you some time to process what else is going on in your life. So why not clear your diary – and your mind – for a few hours, discover a good book in one of our libraries and enjoy an oasis of calm in a busy world.

Focus on you.

Your local library offers ‘wellbeing boxes’ which you can borrow for up to three weeks. These portable boxes contain interactive resources, local service information and literature about different areas of wellbeing. They use the NHS 5 Steps To Mental Wellbeing (connect, be active, take notice, keep learning, give).
There is also the option of wellbeing bags, which are aimed at teenagers. These bags can be borrowed by individuals or by organisations for group work and are suitable for 11–18 year olds, with a focus on physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. You can find out more about wellbeing boxes and bags here.

Get moving.

Exercise releases endorphins which are the ‘happy hormones’ which help us combat stress. While you might automatically think of a gym for your fitness fix, did you know that Bexhill library will soon be offering regular yoga sessions where you can get fit and focus your mind? These paid-for sessions start in the New Year, and are the perfect way to combat winter blues. Call Bexhill library on 0345 6080196* for more information.
*10am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday

Read well.

With everything from top tips for stress management to wellbeing guides; healthy eating plans to happiness how-tos, there are lots of different ways you can read your way to a less stressful life. Ask at your local library for more information or search the e-library here.