Spring is a popular time for pruning your hedges and verges.

As well as formative pruning when planted, they also need maintenance trimming to keep them within your boundary.

Why is overhanging vegetation important?

Overgrown hedges and vegetation cause problems for people using the pavement, especially if they have impaired vision or need a little more space for wheelchairs, mobility scooters or pushchairs. This can be dangerous if they are forced into the road to avoid the obstruction. It can also be dangerous for drivers and cyclists forced across the road into oncoming traffic.

What are my responsibilities?

Most hedges adjacent to the highway form part of the private boundary of the property. This means the land owner is responsible for maintaining their hedges and trees. Verges and hedges on public highways are managed by the Highways team.

When should I start cutting?

Different hedges and trees have different growing seasons, so it’s important that you prune at the right time of year taking into account the nesting season of birds.

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