With the weather turning for the worst, I’ve been making a list of wet weather activities to keep us busy.

We went to a birthday party at Minormania in Bells Yew Green, which Imogen loved. She ran around exploring and throwing foam balls for the best part of two hours, so that is definitely worth a repeat visit during the week when it’s quieter and there are less bigger children to knock her over.

I’ve bought a puddlesuit for her this Christmas, so we can go in the park or garden even when it’s a bit wet. She loves being outside and it helps stop that feeling of stir craziness that comes from being inside all day.

Imogen exploring at Minormania

Imogen exploring at Minormania

We’ve also been to a couple of sessions at the nursery next to Sophie’s school, which she has also loved. I think it’s a great idea; they open on a Friday morning to mums and their toddlers to come and play for a couple of hours. It gets the children used to socialising and gives them some new toys to explore and gets them used to the nursery environment, before they can take their free childcare hours. Imogen loves being with other children and pushing a different baby in a different buggy for a while. And for me it’s a chance to speak to some other mums and make more friends.

I need to conquer one of my fears for Imogen’s benefit over the winter too. She loved being in the swimming pool when we were on holiday over the Summer, but it’s something I’ve always disliked and avoided. However, spending some time splashing around with her and seeing how much she loves it is a great way to spend a couple of hours so I will be bracing myself and going.

I’ll also be taking her along to Summerfields Gymnastics in Hastings in the new year to their play sessions for 18 month to three-year-olds. Now she’s off walking she loves exploring everywhere and can climb very well.

Arts and crafts things are also on my list of Christmas presents for her. Sophie was at nursery by the time she was Imogen’s age, so she had done lots of painting and drawing and Imogen hasn’t had that experience because I’m a bit neurotic about mess.

Hopefully a combination of all of these ideas will get us through until the Spring, but any other winter suggestions would be gratefully received.