Modern kitchens are often the focal point of a home and one of the most important spaces when it comes to renovation and refurbishment. In Sussex, national trends take on a country feel and help enliven properties with a fresh look.

With benefits including a better use of space, it’s worth looking at what your neighbour might have planned and how you could look to improve your kitchen when the time comes.

PD Kitchens give their top tips on what you need to know about kitchen design in Sussex for the remainder of 2015 and 2016:

Modern Traditional Style

Particularly in the south, it’s a popular choice to have a modern kitchen that’s spacious, easy to clean, complete with all the mod-cons, and combined with a more traditional style.

‘Traditional styles’ vary, but generally they take on a cottage feel with wooden fittings, beams, aga installations and a rustic edge. When this is applied, kitchen’s become warm and friendly, welcoming family and friends, especially during the cold winter months.

Some lucky Sussex homes have genuine beams, but it’s a look you can recreate and if you have a clear image in mind, it’s possible to give your modern home a cosy touch, especially if you’re a fan of wooden surfaces.

Rise and Fall Ceiling Pendants

Stylish and desirable, rise and fall ceiling pendants are otherwise known as up and down table lights. Offering eye catching illumination for your worktops and tables, their length can be altered to your personal tastes, meaning that you can change how the light hits your surfaces in different seasons.

As fashionable additions, it’s quite easy to pair these lights with your colour scheme as there are lots of options out there. Just be sure to take into account all lighting in the space when choosing ceiling pendants, like cupboard and under cabinet lights. This means you can take control in the design process and can make sure you have enough light, also considering natural light sources from windows and doors.

Social Dining Spaces

Gone are the days of rushing back and forth between kitchen and dining room as you prepare a meal whilst trying to keep your guests entertained. Instead, more and more homeowners are choosing to incorporate practical dining spaces in the kitchen, which are separate from the cooking preparation area.

Kitchens with this layout become multifunctional rooms and social hubs where you can talk to your guests and socialise after school with your children, as you get on with the cooking. Bringing everyone together is the main benefit, but it also helps with cleaning and safety, keeping young children easily away from heated hobs and other hazards.

Technologically Functional

What is a kitchen without mod-cons, from microwaves, smoothie makers and slow cookers? Well, the South-East also like to incorporate wireless phones and digital TVs so you’re always connected. This makes perfect sense as after work is time to relax and socialise, and it’s just as you start work in the kitchen that the phone usually rings!

By incorporating screens into the initial layout, you can have them match the style of your other fittings so when not in use, they’re non-disruptive and don’t alter the overall feel of the room. For black cabinets, get a screen with a black frame for example. Of course, another perk of this techy addition is that your kids are more likely to keep you company as you make the Sunday roast.

What next?

If you want to make some quick changes, visit your local home department store for some new fixtures to modernise your kitchen. If however, you feel it’s time to for a big change, start visiting local showrooms for ideas.

No matter what you want from your kitchen, keep your aims close as you plan and you’re sure to achieve the design you want.

Our top tip is never be afraid to take your time as it’s a room you’ll use everyday.