People whose relatives died in the two world wars are being asked to take part in a project aimed at bringing Sussex war memorials to life.

The Recording Remembrance project gives people the chance to create a permanent online record of war heroes’ lives, by adding details and photographs of those whose names are engraved on memorials across the area.

The project, launched by East Sussex County Council and West Sussex County Council, is also asking people to complete the online list of war memorials across Sussex, including Brighton & Hove. It also offers people the chance to submit details such as date or place of birth, death or marriage, where the person lived, a biography of their life or photographs of them.

War memorials

People can find a war memorial from the existing list and add details or photographs to its record, or create a new record for a memorial not currently listed.

Casper Johnson, East Sussex County Archaeologist, who manages the project, said: “War memorials come in many different forms and are not just the obvious ones in the centre of a village or town.

“They can also be in the form of a stained glass window in a church, a roll of honour or even a water garden.”

People can take part by following the link to Recording Remembrance online at East Sussex WW1 and registering their details.